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I Have Come Here to be Open

“An open ear is the only believable sign of an open heart.” David Augsberger

Affirmation: There is no limit to my true nature. I am an expansive unfolding being. I unfold my heart and open ever wider.

Have you ever had the experience of being completely certain that a situation in your life was exactly how you were viewing it, and then after a keener look discovered that it was not that way at all? Many of us using the QL practice have discovered the revelation of expanded awareness. This insight leads me to become curious how the opposite of my initial viewpoint may be true OPENness, in which I may see how this situation is FOR me, rather than against me. Openness reveals that there is more space, more room for other outcomes and a perspective that might support greater understanding. Becoming OPEN moves us back into the Quantum Field of Infinite possibilities. As we apply Quantum Science principles, we learn to throw the particle of our limited understanding back into the wave of infinite possibilities and expand our perception and interpretation. As we grow in emotional maturity, we are less likely to close our mind and heart prematurely. We expand our capacity and willingness to be OPEN. Such openness allows us to see with greater clarity and compassion. When we do our Q Worksheets, we can usually notice a softening within us that allows us to “see” the situation is not against us, but rather notice that it is a reaction from our shadow self, a false identity that leads with judgement instead of empathy. We may not get this right the first time but can always correct our misperception with a “do-over.” That is, after having a challenging conversation, usually one in which I have forgotten who I truly am and unconsciously reverted to my shadow self, I will often ask for a “Do over”. After I have reviewed the situation in the light of my Q qualities and seen where my shadow beliefs have led to resentment or judgments, I go back to them and say, “You know yesterday after that difficult conversation, I felt some regret and would like to have a “Do Over” with you. Would you be willing to do that with me right now?” Let’s look at this situation. Let’s say you receive a check from a company you are doing work with. The amount is much less than the agreement you made and for some reason, you react strongly. You believe you have been wronged, and taken advantage of and you feel angry, upset, hurt, and resentful. This experience most likely links up with a life pattern of believing “I am powerless” and/or “I don’t matter”. You have a need for support, respect, trust, and honesty. Your first reaction is to call them up, accuse them of wrongdoing, and demand they make it right. Not a very good strategy for getting your needs met and building authentic relationships. But it makes total sense to the one who thinks they have been wronged. But with deeper insight and willingness to be OPEN, your heart begins to expand and lead you to greater understanding for self and the other. The first assumption (this person has wronged me), is “thrown” back into the field of Infinite possibilities, and rather than accusing the other person, you are curious how this discrepancy may have happened and ask questions around your understanding of what the check amount should be (according to your understanding) versus what you actually received. Without the story you have created about the other person, there is a space for empathy and understanding. From this place, there is an openness for both of you to discover and explore with trust, respect, and clarity to a whole new understanding. The posture of being OPEN creates a vaster spaciousness in which new knowledge, clarity, and wisdom can flow and reveal new possibilities for truth and understanding to emerge. Remember, you have come here to be open.

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