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Quantum Living

Transformational Programs

If you ask the average person do you want to grow, they will likely respond with an enthusiastic, "yes!"  Ask them if they want to change, and their enthusiasm may wane.  But, you and I are here to evolve into the highest version of ourselves and this growth requires change.  I have seen wonderful life changes in myself and others who have taken this transformational journey. Join me and see how you can transform into your best self.

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Spirituality and Practice, through Grace and Grit

A powerful blend of Compassionate Communication (NVC) and Quantum Living to transform relationships and heal past conditioning.   We can use Relationships as a sacred path to awakening by staying open to practices of self-inquiry.  Our true nature is loving, peaceful, and joy-filled.   It lives IN us, we don’t need to keep improving our outer world to experience peace, love, and happiness.   We already have that within us.   Discover the joy of uncovering what is most alive in us and then expressing that in compassionate ways. 

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Graceful Awakening

Compassionate Communication   

(aka NVC (Nonviolent Communication)  

Monthly Practice Group
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