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The Practice of Spirituality: Awakening to Your Divine Purpose

Right now, no matter who you are, you have a very important part to play in the transformation of our world.    What part do you play?  Your part is to first realize who you are and discover your divine purpose here on earth.   What is yours to do in the creation of the new emerging world? Or in this new paradigm of an awakened world?   I believe it is to discover your true nature.


At the heart of the QL practice is to discover our true Self—our authentic self and begin to notice who we become in any given situation in life, and to notice the identification with the false self or Ego and to shine the light of truth upon it.   Ask yourself, how can I use this life situation to awaken to my true self, of who I have really come here to be.  Remember, Quantum Living is a practice or tool to support greater awareness and thus a greater way of living. 


Have you ever asked, “What is my unique contribution to the emergence of a new world?”   Your life's purpose isn't static; it's a dynamic energy that grows and evolves alongside you. It's a journey of self-discovery, a quest to touch the essence of your being and align it with the greater universal presence.

Years ago I read a heart opening Book called Seven Whispers by Christina Baldwin.   She said “the purpose of life is not to maintain personal comfort, it is to grow the soul.  The willingness and struggle that carries people through the years must be grounded in our covenants with The Divine.”

In one of the Chapters in her book, “Practice Certainty of Purpose”,  Baldwin tells a story of hearing a profound idea from a stranger that touched her:   “Inside each of us, the tree of our own life is growing.  If this tree is too small for us, we shrink and wither around it and turn into a shrub.   If this tree is too big, it becomes a giant oak that tears us apart.  We grow in constant tension so that we and our lives remain the right size for each other.”

This story has stayed with me and I am reminded of it every time I revisit the idea of living a life of purpose.   I can over-do life at times.  Overdoing can look a lot like efforting to become someone, or taking more courses than I can really manage at a time, or needing just one more certificate to feel accomplished,  or not resting after a major transformational event, etc.  


In looking at the big picture, discovering your divine purpose isn't merely a personal endeavor; it's a gift to the whole planet. When you align with your true calling, you become a conduit for positive change, radiating your unique essence into the world. Your purpose isn't just about what you do; it's about how you show up in the world—with authenticity, intention, and love.

The Practice of Spirituality:  At the heart of our journey towards self-discovery lies the practice of spirituality. It's about peeling back the layers of conditioning and societal expectations to reveal our true essence—the divine spark within. In the Quantum Living practice, we delve deep into the core of our being, unraveling the threads of ego and illusion that obscure our true nature.

Central to this practice is the art of mindfulness—the ability to observe our thoughts, emotions, and reactions without judgment. By cultivating this awareness, we begin to discern the subtle nuances of our inner landscape, recognizing when we're aligned with our divine self and when we're caught in the grip of ego.


In every life situation, there's an opportunity for growth and transformation. Instead of being swept away by the currents of circumstance, we can use each moment as a stepping stone towards self-realization. How can I use this challenge as a catalyst for awakening?  Am I practicing Certainty of purpose and allowing for soul growth?    What lesson is waiting to be learned in this experience? These are the questions that guide us on our spiritual journey.


So, as you journey forward on the path of self-discovery, remember that you are an integral part of the unfolding of the planet's shared spiritual awakening. Your divine purpose awaits, ready to be unveiled in all its glory.   Embrace it with openness and watch as the world around you blossoms with newfound beauty and grace.  But remember, it’s a journey, not a destination. Allow the tree of your own life to expand at a pace that supports your soul’s growth but doesn’t tear you apart.  I hope to see you at Practice. 

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