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I Have Come Here To Be amazing!!

As we awaken to our true nature and come to see who we have come here to be, we might be shocked and surprised to discover that the spiritual qualities we have long sought are right here within us. Had it all the time. That’s amazing!

What I am most amazed about with the Quantum Living Process is the idea that the more I focus on who and what I am and bring more awareness to the shadow aspects of myself, the more understanding and compassion I have for myself and others. This light brings clarity and I find I am softer, gentler, more easygoing.

This surprises me. And it surprises many others as well. It’s surprising because I/we had this capacity all along! We already have the power to be in the world, with its challenges and adversities, and not be diminished by it!

From the surface mind, this is astounding. It's bewildering really. And this is only one of the many Quantum Powers or Qualities we can embody to make this life more readily navigable, harmonious, and basically more awesome.

I recently identified the Q quality, “Resourceful,” and find that Quality really works well as an antidote to the shadow belief that is on my card: “I am powerless”. Recently, I had the opportunity to apply this Quality while completing a worksheet around feeling concerned and worried about my professional income. My current position will come to an end soon, and my mind fell into some old patterns of “uncertainty” and “not enough.” So, after exploring and inquiring with a Q worksheet, I discovered my needs were Trust and Support, and the Q Power of Resourceful revealed itself as the fulfillment of those needs! Wow, how amazing it is to feel resourceful.

I began with new thoughts: I am supported by the Universe. There are ample resources available to me and my family. I trust God is supporting my every need. Within minutes I began feeling excited about what’s next for me along with a quiet confidence that I will, once again, be supported and guided to my next opportunity!

Perhaps you may be motivated to discover one or more new Quantum Qualities from the workbook. You too may be amazed that you had them within you all along!

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