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Becoming the Change We Wish to See

In my first Q Process Workshop, over a year ago, I discovered the Q stands for “Quantum.” According to Webster a Quantum Leap is defined as “an abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance.” In other words, a radical shift. At the beginning of the day long workshop, we were asked to draw a card from a card deck called “Who Have You Come Here To Be: 101 Possibilities for Contemplation.” I picked “QUANTUM!” Huh?! I’ve come here to be quantum? Well, they weren’t kidding, I gradually experienced the meaning of my card during this year of practicing the Q Process. A drastic shift has indeed occurred, transforming my life, my relationships and my world. If I say nothing else here, I would say Thank You to Dr. Simmons, Dr. Bonario, to Denese Schellink, and to the quantum field of potentiality of which I am an integral part.

Using seemingly insignificant events, the process starts with uncovering uncomfortable feelings, false beliefs and unmet needs. A huge belief of mine showed itself early on, “I don’t matter in this world and I am in everyone’s way.” I found, because of early childhood experiences, this belief has played itself out over and over again becoming my perceived reality. In going through the steps of the Q when this belief gets triggered, I almost always come to this little story of “I am a mistake.” And, it’s just a belief.

What if the belief isn’t true? How would I live my life if the opposite were true? What if I DID matter, if I am here on purpose, if I’m necessary, even! When I rewrite the story from a new perspective, giving thanks for being able to see how I might heal and for being able to see the belief for what it has been and how it no longer fits, a shift happens. I start to FEEL worthy. I start to ACT worthy. I start to respond from a place of honor, power, authenticity, and ownership of my true self instead of simply receiving what life has to dish out. I have authority over my life, I become the author of my life-story. I am no longer a victim of circumstance when I let go of false beliefs and start steering my own ship, becoming responsible for my own life right here, right now.

So, who HAVE I come here to be? I have come here to be kind, genuine, vital, and clear. I am finding it possible to respond to virtually every circumstance with these attributes. When I don’t it is because something in me isn’t healed and is operating on a false belief, which shows up as an unmet need. That need is easily met when I embrace the shadow and step into the light of compassionate understanding of myself and others. The Q Process gives a way to do that.

By practicing the process, my consciousness changes which in turn creates a new field of possibility that is coherent with who I came here to be. I start to consciously respond differently. I don’t cower anymore, I have stopped apologizing for myself at every turn, I speak more clearly and more simply, I listen more, and have simplified my activities to be gentler, easier, and more relaxing without a need to somehow “prove” my existence or my worth. As I respond differently by releasing old beliefs and consequently old patterns of behavior, everything in the field quickly responds accordingly.

The evidence shows that by following a clearly defined set of steps, it is possible to change reality. Or rather, reality can change you! Since starting the Q Process, I have experienced an upgrade in my living situation, the ending of an unsatisfactory relationship, an increase in income and have a certain ease about life which is quite new. I feel more powerful, more gracious, less angry, less worried, more effective, more relaxed, and so very grateful.