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How Lives Are Changed

Gwen's Transformational Experience

Quantum Living Training - Summary of my personal experience.


After an 8 year absence, I decided to return to Unity of Bellevue in 2022 and started attending Sunday service on a regular basis and taking classes.  Of the many classes I’ve taken through Unity of Bellevue, Quantum Living Training (QLT), The I of the Storm (book study) and Compassionate Communication have had the greatest immediate impact on my spiritual growth and quality of life.  I have been able to take ideas from these 3 sources, incorporate them into my daily routine and enjoy the benefits of applying my knowledge to challenging situations and the results have been beyond my expectations.  The classes and book study have changed my life!


Specifically, the Quantum Living Training helped me become aware of my feelings of being flawed, broken, fearful, unworthy, etc. (shadow qualities) that arose out of conflict.  By reflecting on past unresolved experiences I was able to identify the triggers (words or actions that I perceived as being rude or disrespectful) for the feelings that resurfaced during current conflict and understand the connection between the two, which allows me to put upsetting or disturbing situations in perspective.  I can let go of the past, heal and retell the story with compassion and understanding for myself and the other party and not be angry or upset.  I can then appreciate the experience as a learning opportunity and fully embrace feelings of being courageous, peaceful, strong, wise, worthy, etc. (Q Qualities) and re-connect with my divine self.  (All this came from recalling a situation I had in second grade after I got into “big” trouble for missing the school bus.)                 


QLT has helped me put in perspective my one-on-one experiences with people, what I watch on television, what I observe in daily life, and what I read about, so I can stay or return to that peaceful place described in The I of the Storm.  For me, the next step in the process is Compassionate Communication, a class which is helping me develop more compassion and empathy, so I can share my thoughts and feelings in a more positive and constructive way following a conflict situation, which benefits all parties involved.  These classes have been one of the best investments in personal and spiritual growth that I’ve made to date.  As a result, my life in general is more peaceful and calm and my happiness quotient has increased by 25%.  (On 100% scale, with a starting point of 50%, a 25% increase has made a huge difference.)


I encourage anyone who wants to bring more peace, understanding, and joy into their lives to take Quantum Living Training.


Gwen Bundy

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